Dermatologic surgery

The dermatologic surgeons at Samatha Clinic offer a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic services for the management of skin cancer, skin conditions requiring surgery, reconstructive surgery, laser and cosmetic surgery, and varicose vein treatment.

Our board-certified dermatologic surgeons work closely with the Cosmetic Centers at Samatha Clinic in Hyderabad.

Our Cosmetic and surgical services include:

Body shaping
Fat transplantation
Tumescent liposuction
Botox treatment for sweating
Botox treatment for wrinkles
Cosmetic laser surgery
Acne scar surgery
Cosmetic resurfacing, including chemical peel and dermabrasion
Laser hair removal
Laser treatment of facial blood vessels
Spot removal with laser
Vascular birthmarks and hemangiomas
Cosmetic surgery for sun-damaged, aging or wrinkled skin
Medical treatment of sun-damaged skin
Mole and spot removal
Skin augmentation, correcting scars and wrinkles by injection
Microblading for eyebrows
Microneedling and microdermabrasion
General dermatologic surgery
Acne scar surgery
Cyst removal
Keloid treatment
Mole and skin growth removal
Pediatric skin surgery, in Minnesota
Scar revision
Hair transplant surgery
Eyebrow reconstruction
Hair replacement surgery
Scalp reduction surgery
Leg vein surgery
Spider vein treatment with sclerotherapy or laser
Varicose vein treatment options
Nail surgery for fingernail and toenail problems