Hair growth booster

Growth Booster Treatment

The human blood contains red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, and other essential proteins. The plasma is rich in growth factors or growth boosters, and these proteins also play an important role as messengers or function as skin signaling cells. The revolutionary growth booster treatment promotes a regenerative process to rejuvenate the human cells and tissue and provides incredible treatment results. This innovative treatment remarkably helps in skin rejuvenation, controls hair loss, and provides various other therapeutic benefits. The growth factor treatment has been used for decades to rejuvenate, heal, and repair the human tissue safely. They are used in the field of medicine to correct arthritis, repair injury, correct aesthetic concerns, skin rejuvenation, hair restoration, and correct physiological concerns like SUI and overactive bladder.

When the human body suffers from an injury, the body sends these growth factors and proteins naturally to boost up the healing and repair process. These growth factors increase the collagen production, improve the blood and nutrient flow, and help recover the injured site. In this treatment, growth factors and essential proteins are isolated from the patient’s blood which ultimately helps to rejuvenate the hair follicles and damaged skin tissues

Composition of Growth Booster

The growth booster treatment accelerates cellular regeneration, tissue repair with the help of coagulation factors. PDGF, FGF, IGF, EGF, VEGF, and other essential growth factors stimulate tissue regeneration, cellular proliferation, provide optimal healing, and rejuvenation at the injected site. Growth factors also contain essential vitamins, hormones, proteins, ions, and electrolytes, that induce accelerated tissue regeneration and proliferation.

Growth booster treatment for face

The growth booster facelift treatment improves the volume, health, vibrancy, and provides a lift to the skin. The growth booster is injected into the target skin area by using very thin needles. This helps to achieve a youthful face and provides rejuvenated look especially at the under-eye area.

Another approach of infusing growth factors involves microneedling technology. The microneedling method creates small channels on the skin, after which the growth booster formulation is applied and absorbed by the skin cells. This helps to provide firmness and vitality to the skin. The treatment also works best in improving acne scars and spots.


  1. The growth booster treatment has been proven to show significant results in cases of early hair loss stages.
  2. The healing power of the growth booster smoothens the wrinkles, fine lines, and minimizes the skin folds to provide a youthful look.
  3. The patient’s own growth factors are injected into the target area and this reduces the possibility of having side effects and allergic reactions.
  4. Simple, quick and highly effective non-surgical treatment.