Introducing DS BB Acne Treatment

DS BB treatment has gained immense popularity at Dr. Samatha Clinic for effectively treating active acne. This procedure focuses exclusively on addressing active acne concerns and does not target pigmentation or scars left behind by acne.

What is it?

The treatment involves the application of an ultra-concentrated gel with potent Keratolytic and Antimicrobial properties. This unique blend allows for deep exfoliation and thorough cleansing of the pilosebaceous unit, effectively eliminating acne impurities. The multifaceted action of this solution sets it apart from other chemical peels commonly used for treating active acne.

How is it done?

  1. Skin Preparation: The skin is meticulously cleansed using a degreasing wipe to remove superficial debris.
  2. Gel Activation: The specialized gel is carefully mixed for optimal activation.
  3. Gel Application: The ultra-concentrated gel is skillfully applied to the skin.
  4. Dwell Time: The gel is left on the skin for approximately 3-4 minutes to allow it to work effectively.
  5. Neutralization: A neutralizing solution is gently sprayed onto the skin to soften and neutralize the applied gel.
  6. Cleansing: The gel is then gently wiped off, and a calming and soothing mask is applied to pacify the skin.
  7. Mask Removal: After 5 minutes, the mask is removed, and the skin is further cleared.
  8. Pore Sealing: A pore-sealing solution is applied, acting as a protective shield.
  9. Calming Cream: Finally, a calming cream is applied, offering sun protection and additional soothing benefits.

Number of sessions:

Typically, only one session is required for mild to moderate acne cases. In more severe instances, the number of procedures may be extended up to three sessions to achieve the desired results.

Say goodbye to active acne with the highly effective DS BB Acne Treatment. Experience clearer and healthier skin after just one session, and let our experts help you regain your confidence and beauty.