Face Contouring

Face Contouring

Face contouring and highlighting is a game of light and shadows that has more twists and turns than the plot of Game of Thrones! Put quite simply, contouring is using a darker shade than your skin tone to deepen or reshape the areas where shadows fall naturally on your face. You don’t need any face contouring surgery, just learn a few simple makeup techniques to transform your face shape and features.

Highlighting is accentuating the prominent areas that naturally catch the light on your face. If you are a newbie at this game or if you still have doubts about what goes where, let us take you through a guide on contouring, concealing and highlighting.

How to Contour Your Face Shape?

Contouring and highlighting are makeup techniques that can help enhance and define your facial features. So, stop googling about face contouring botox, or face contouring surgery cost in India, because you can easily do this with makeup. To achieve a flawless highlight and contour face makeup, you just need to choose the right products and makeup techniques for your face shape.

Steps to Contour Your Shape?

1. Apply your foundation: How to apply contour on face? Always start with a foundation that perfectly matches your skin color and type. Keep in mind that foundation is not for contouring or masking blemishes, it is designed to provide even skin complexion.

2. Conceal: You can use a concealer in a lighter shade than your complexion for brightening your face, masking fine lines, and slightly contouring.

3. Contour: For contouring, there are many options available. You could opt for a darker shade of concealer, a darker shade of foundation

4. Highlight: The shimmer in the highlighter reflects the light that naturally catches on the high points of your face. This makes your face glowing, youthful looking, and sculpted.

5. Blush: Blush can be used to add warmth and dimension to the face by creating a subtle contour effect.

6. Blend: Blending your face contouring is important to create a natural-looking and seamless transition between the darker and lighter areas of the face. When you contour any face shape, it prevents harsh lines and creates a more subtle and flattering effect.

7. Set: The last but not the least step of how to contour face is setting your makeup with powder. After contouring, it helps to lock in the product, keeping it in place for longer wear.